The Unprofessionals

What do you think of the recently announce Partner Sackings for Inappropriate Behaviour? My views on this were published in PQ Magazine recently along with my tips of what to do if you fall victim to such behaviour? Click here to read the article in full.      

Women Role Models

Did you, like me, find the recent episode of Loose Women with the barny between Coleen Nolan and Kim Woodburn cringeworthy at best and bullying at worse? It beggars belief that any sensible person would think that setting up a “fake trial” between the feuding pair with Janet Street-Porter dressed up as a Judge would […]

The end of the 9 to 5 working day

According to a recent BBC article ( only 6% of people in the UK work the traditional 9 to 5 pattern. Flexible Working It seems that over half of people have flexible working patterns allowing them the freedom to juggle hectic life demands. Employer Enlightenment That said it seems that some employers still need to […]

Women-only network appoints male chairman

The BBC has reported that AllBright, a networking group with the aim of supporting female leaders “has appointed a male chairman”; I quote from the BBC article (see Just as an aside it’s bizarre that the BBC feel the need to point out that a male is a chairman. Surely the sentence should read […]

68 new signatories to Women In Finance Charter

This month the Treasury announced that a further 68 firms had signed the Women in Finance Charter. This takes the total to 273 firms from the financial services sector; a coverage of 760,000 UK financial services employees. Among the list of new signatories is ICAEW; late to the game but now signed up which is […]