Women-only network appoints male chairman

The BBC has reported that AllBright, a networking group with the aim of supporting female leaders “has appointed a male chairman”; I quote from the BBC article (see https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-45083594).

Just as an aside it’s bizarre that the BBC feel the need to point out that a male is a chairman. Surely the sentence should read “have appointed a male chair” or “have appointed a chairman”! #justsaying

Back to the story …..

The co-founder of AllBright, Debbie Wosskow, defended the decision to appoint Allan Leighton citing that to create change you “need to bring men with you”.

Could men be brought along without a man on board?

By appointing a chairman are they saying that women can’t bring about change without a man at the helm?

I must admit to being disappointed by the need to appoint a chairman. I think that organisations such as AllBright should be leading the way in demonstrating how gender inclusion can be achieved without a chap at the helm.

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