Women in Accountancy Survey – tell us what you think

The launch of the Women in Accountancy web site is accompanied by a Survey asking some previously unasked and frank questions such as “Have you ever encountered sexist or misogynistic behaviour in the accountancy profession?”.

You’ve got to hope that we won’t see a Harvey Weinstein type scandal in the profession but frankly I don’t think it would surprise me if we did. I certainly not only believe that misogynists are alive and well in the Accountancy Profession but have recently experienced what could be classified as that type of unpleasant behaviour from a Head of Tax at a top six firm of Accountants. Granted this chap has been like a tonne of thorns in my side for some time now. Much easier for me to block him on social media rather than waste my valuable time engaging.

It’ll be interesting to hear if I’m alone in my experience. Do other women in accountancy have to suffer male chauvinists? Are they paid less than their male counterparts? Have they reached a glass ceiling?

Please share your experiences via our survey – CLICK HERE to start.

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