Supporting Career Progression from MAAT to ACCA

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Of course we know that the term accountant isn’t regulated. However if you are a member of a Professional Accountancy Body then you do have to abide by the bodies rules particularly regarding Practising Certificates.

But what happens when you realise that one of those rules doesn’t support the career progression for those who have worked hard to gain MAAT status and wish to progress to ACCA.

In Practice

Of course you can progress from MAAT to ACCA.

However my understanding is that the rules of the ACCA do not allow you to practice whilst you are a student member. That applies even if you are licenced to practice under the AAT.

Quit your business

So in practice, excuse the pun, this means that you would have to quit your Accountancy Practice to progress from AAT to ACCA.

What this means in reality is for those in Practice via MAAT you lose your living!

Real Life Example

This has been the case with a North West based accountant that I know. I came across her via a feature piece in the AAT magazine. She was on the AAT Council. Late to accountancy, through personal life issues, she is an intelligent, hard working single mother who manages to balance work, studying and family life. She gained MAAT status, set up an Accountancy Practice, started a degree and decided she’d like to progress to ACCA.

However although she was qualified to operate her own Accountancy Practice via her MAAT status she has given up all of this as she wants to achieve ACCA status.

Not only do I think that it’s incredibly sad that she has been forced to make this hard decision but it seems to me to be morally wrong to prevent an accountant from providing services to clients merely because she wants to further her career. She has already been found to be capable of providing such services to clients under her current professional body. That doesn’t change when she becomes a student member of ACCA.

Close this career limiting loophole

Whether there is a wide awareness of this career limiting loophole is uncertain if not irrelevant.

What is important is to get the regulations changed.

Call to action

So I call upon Mark Farrar (AAT) and Helen Brand (ACCA) to take ownership of this problem working together to find a solution which satisfies both Professional Bodies without a compromise on standards. Of course reference should not be made to membership of a professional body unless and until the relevant qualifications have been obtained and Practising Certificate signed off.

However if a member has been approved to practice under a licence from AAT a pathway should be open to them to continue onto an ACCA qualification without losing their livelihood if they operate via their own Practice.

Do you agree?

Please add your support below.

8 thoughts on “Supporting Career Progression from MAAT to ACCA”

  1. Definitely agree. I’ve come across another very competent accountant that was given the same choice. She chose to continue under AAT as she’d worked hard to build practice even though she’d passed chartered exams.
    This is also putting me off progressing further!

  2. I absolutely agree. My husband has experienced the same. He was enrolled on ACCA and then we found out he would have to quit running our business. I think it is crazy. The rules need to change and ACCA should be supporting people in business who want it learn and develop themselves.

  3. I definitely agree – the professional bodies should work together on this, not separately.

    From this I decided that I can’t proceed in my chosen career as I can’t find it without working.

  4. After setting up my own practice I decided that i would like to go on and further my studies. I thought it was a good thing that I was working in practice keeping the knowledge and experience current. But it turns out to further my career i have to give up my business and clients that I worked so hard to achieve. Now I’m stuck and I feel disappointed. Some thing needs to change.

    1. I’ve added you to the wait list for the seminar as the first session is full. I’ll be in touch soon about a potential further date.

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