Wednesday 3rd October 7pm FREE advice Hangout on Starting Your Accountancy Practice

I am going to be holding a FREE Google Hangout on Starting & Running Your Accountancy Practice on Wednesday 3rd October at 7p.m. for up to an hour.

Topics I will cover:

– General operations and marketing queries

– How to attract clients

– Streamlining back end processes

– Getting paid and avoiding bad debt

– Reviewing clients each year

– Introduce to Cloud Bank Accounting

– What should be on your web site

Or anything else people would like covered – just shout out.

Add your name below if you’d like to join me and I’ll contact you via the registered email address (not displayed on the site). Note I WILL NOT use the email for marketing, selling or anything else at all – only for the hangout.


Note – men welcome too!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 3rd October 7pm FREE advice Hangout on Starting Your Accountancy Practice”

  1. Good afternoon Elaine. I got your details through my Twitter Account, and would like to attend Women in Accountancy Seminar on 03 October 2018. I co-founded my accountancy practice from three years ago and our office is at Canary Wharf.

    I am very happy where I am today, but I would like to learn more to make me very good at what I do and be successful.


    1. I’ve added you to the wait list for the seminar as the first session is full. I’ll be in touch soon about a potential further date.

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